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WICHITA, Kan., October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Positioned as the leader in digital transformation for industrial organizations, weavixâ„¢ launches the industry’s first Worker Internet (IoW) platform, focusing on the needs of frontline workers who are traditionally overlooked by technological innovation. For the first time, converged communication capabilities, typically reserved for the office, are now available for field workers in a single application. With voice, video, text and data interaction, weavixâ„¢ challenges traditional networks and communications systems, such as land mobile radio (LMR) and Wi-Fi, to digitally transform industry worldwide.

For the first time, converged communications, typically reserved for the office, are now available to frontline workers

Using a private LTE network, weavixâ„¢ equips every worker with a sustainable smart radio, digital device or mobile app. Instead of traditional industrial analog radio systems, which have generally remained with only a few key positions, weavixâ„¢ guarantees connectivity for all workers in an industrial facility. From their range of devices, weavixâ„¢ provides a full range of converged communication capabilities needed to enhance the skills of a modern industrial workforce.

“In the office, we use collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams and communicate with our peers via text messages and phone calls every day,” explains Kevin Turpin, CEO of weavixâ„¢ and the PK companies. “But if you need to communicate with someone in the field, it’s a multi-step process, if not impossible. Our customers and partners have the same problem. Frontline workers need a better way to communicate than the typical radio systems they’ve had for the past 50 years, and until now it didn’t exist. This is how the concept of weavixâ„¢ came about. “

weaveâ„¢ offers a flexible converged communications and network solution to digitally transform an industrial facility. For converged communications, weavixâ„¢ works on one of its weavixâ„¢-certified devices, a personal mobile or a combination of the two. As a network, weavix â„¢ can deploy and operate on its own private LTE, use public LTE or Wi-Fi systems, or integrate with any existing system without additional constraints, using radio over IP (RoIP ).

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), weavixâ„¢ ensures a hassle-free experience for their customers. All products are fully managed by weavixâ„¢, ensuring the latest hardware, network capabilities and software solutions available, with unlimited support and replacements.

While other connected work platforms are simply digitizing paper-based processes, weavixâ„¢ developed the concept of the Internet of Workers, keeping frontline workers at the forefront of technical innovation. weaveâ„¢ weavix advances industrial connectivity from a front-line perspective to act as a truly connected work platform.

weaveâ„¢, the industry’s premier Worker Internet (IoW) platform, revolutionizes industrial communication for frontline workers. Combining voice, video, text and data interaction on a single platform, weavixâ„¢ offers virtually unlimited converged communication capabilities in the field. Using reliable, industrial-grade private LTE, the weavixâ„¢ is dedicated to empowering frontline workers around the world. For a safer and more connected workforce, visit weavix.com.

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