Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Launches New Dignity at Work Program

NEW YORK, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights today launched its Dignity at work program, a new initiative that reinvents the way people should be valued and treated at work.

Build on that of Robert Kennedy A legacy of human rights advocacy, Workplace Dignity creates a new understanding of the workplace and provides organizations and their leaders with the strategies and tools that enable all workers to truly thrive, no matter what job they are doing. they do or where they do it.

This approach ranges from day-to-day leadership to structural interventions that affect the entire work experience – from recruiting, communications and data transparency to compensation, benefits and beyond. Recommended actions are proven to build employee confidence in the organization, promote team building and retention, and increase productivity.

The program, supported in part by a generous grant from the Tramuto Foundation, is one of the first to center dignity – the inherent value and the value we all share – as a primary driver in the workplace. Beyond compliance-driven approaches, it defines actions for change in an organization’s culture, systems and practices, as well as through behavior modeled by its leaders. These efforts will drive change in the workplace by providing organizations, leaders and individual contributors with actionable tools and content, as well as a range of future initiatives.

Offering specific strategies, Workplace Dignity aims to bridge the perception gap between what an organization thinks about its work environment and what employees actually experience.

“The workplace has often been a breeding ground for human rights violations, labor abuses and economic inequalities, racial injustice and exclusion, and the pandemic has only further complicated things, “said Kerry Kennedy, President of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights. “Our new Dignity at Work program addresses these issues by providing strategies and helping organizations and leaders take concrete action to achieve powerful, positive results that make a difference in the lives of all employees. “

As with other RFK Human Rights programs, Workplace Dignity will stand alongside those closest to the issues, giving voice to dignity champions and advocates who highlight opportunities and challenges in different types of workplaces, and workers who are particularly vulnerable to unfair treatment.

Through this program, RFK Human Rights will also support legislation that advances dignity at work and denounce legislation that seeks to diminish it, and will create guidelines on dignity at work with other RFK Human Rights programs, which overlap. focus on schools, investors, the work experience of students, the employment opportunities for people with criminal records, and more.

“Human rights do not end at the door of the workplace,” said Jeffrey Siminoff, Senior Vice President of the Workplace Dignity Program at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights. “Organizations that honor the dignity of their workers, as individuals and as human beings, are more engaging, more equitable and, ultimately, more effective. focus more intentionally on the dignity of people in our workplaces. “

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Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
We are a non-partisan, non-profit organization that has strived to achieve Robert F. Kennedy dream of a fairer and more peaceful world since 1968. In partnership with local activists, we defend key human rights issues, defending agents of change and pursuing strategic disputes in the country and in the world. And to ensure lasting change, we promote a socially positive approach to business and investing and educate millions of students about human rights and social justice.

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