The Lessif family’s donation supports the hospital’s orthopedic surgery program

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Marilyn B. Lessif will be remembered at the Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital.


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Gerry Dearing, Executive Director of the Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital Foundation, unveiled with John Lessif a plaque on the third floor of the hospital in memory of Marilyn, ‘Daughter-Sister-Aunt-Friend-Woman-Mother ‘, acknowledging the generosity of the Lessif family and supporting the hospital’s orthopedic surgery program.

The $ 209,000 donation from Lessif was used to purchase a GE Digital Mobile ERGO C-Arm orthopedic x-ray machine.

“We, the team here, would like to thank (the Lessif family) and present the plaque of recognition for John’s best wishes in memory of Marilyn,” Dearing said at the September 29 event. “We are very grateful for this thoughtful and generous commemorative gift on his behalf.”

John Lessif praised both the hospital and the orthopedic department.

“This healthcare service provided here in Tillsonburg will undoubtedly be a boon to many patients,” Lessif said. “Thank you for being part of this great community. From what I understand, your department will be equipped with the most recent orthopedic equipment available to help you perform successful surgeries.

He said he believed it was very important for the viability of the community that the hospital continued to develop its health services.

“Like any business, we are in a world of change driven by innovation. Our hospital is no different. He must continue to grow for the health of those he serves.

Lessif also thanked London Health Services for recognizing the need to expand its service at the hospital.


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“Without their blessing and support… this would not have happened.

“I had been trying for some time to keep Marilyn’s name alive in a public way. Marilyn was such a special person – the recognition had to be special. “

When Lessif read the hospital foundation flyer insert in the Norfolk and Tillsonburg News featuring the new orthopedic surgery program, listing the equipment and costs associated with each, Lessif said he knew the “C-arm X-ray machine” was it.

“Having had a knee replacement myself and Liz (Lessif) has had a knee replacement and is waiting for another, Jeff (Lessif) has had a hip replacement (and is on the waiting list for another hip replacement), and Karla (Lessif) who has a physiotherapy clinic – Back in Motion – which offers post-operative rehabilitation… I knew there was a connection to support the new program. for me, having Marilyn’s name attached perfectly matches who she was – kind, loving, generous.

John Lessif stated that Marilyn would have an angelic smile on her face knowing that her name is associated with a program that improves the quality of life for so many people.

He also thanked the new orthopedic surgeon, Dr Clayton Inculet, for coming to TDMH.

“It’s so important, I can’t say it often enough that you’ve made a commitment and come to Tillsonburg to lead this program.

“So a loving daughter, a loving sister, a loving aunt, a loving wife and a loving mother. Thank you all for your presence today, ”concluded Lessif.


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“To John and Liz and the entire Lessif family, thank you very much for the contribution you have made,” said Dr Inculet.

“Starting an orthopedic program is by no means an easy task, and a big thumbs up to Sandy (Jansen), the board and foundation, and the entire community for helping to set this up. program. It took a while, a lot of planning and forethought, and a significant amount of funds to make this happen.

“It’s beautiful, very nice equipment, top of the line in all respects for sure, so thank you for that. And I will do my best and work as hard as I can to help support the community in any way I can.

Sandy Jansen, President and CEO of Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital and Alexandra Hospital in Ingersoll, thanked John, Liz and the entire Lessif family for their support.

Jansen remembers saying four and a half years ago that TDMH will have an orthopedic program within five years.

A donation of $ 209,000 from John Lessif and his family in memory of Marilyn B. Lessif was used to purchase a GE Digital Mobile ERGO C-Arm orthopedic x-ray machine at Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital. (Chris Abbott / Norfolk and Tillsonburg News) jpg, TN

“I am the eternal optimist,” Jansen said. “So, really, it’s a job that has been with us since the day I started. We recognized that this was desperately needed in this community, and not just in Tillsonburg, but across our region. “

Jansen said it’s families like the Lessif that “are stepping up and making the impossible possible. And I can’t thank you enough. It’s so nice to hear about Marilyn and who she was and I can tell you that as I walk down this hall, I will remember Marilyn every time, and I want to thank you all for your incredible generosity.


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“We know that sometimes you can’t reach for the stars, but if you can, you reach out and just reach high and far,” said Ruby Withington, Chairman of the Board of TDMH. “And with a donation like yours, the Lessif Family, thank you. Thank you seems like such a small note, but you have made it possible for this part of the hospital and our team to help community members reach for the stars. “

“And on behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees as well, they conveyed their words to say ‘thank you very much for your support’,” said Dearing. “It makes such a difference in a community. We really appreciate everything you have done to help this program.

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