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After launching into beta testing last month, Facebook is now rolling out Reels to all Facebook users in the US on iOS and Android. The feature, Facebook’s answer to TikTok, allows creators to create and share abbreviated video content using a variety of editing tools, including those for music and audio, AR effects , the use of timers and countdowns, etc. With the public launch, creators will be able to create their reels directly on Facebook and share their existing Instagram reels on Facebook to help them create a follow on both apps.

Additionally, Facebook is now sharing more details on how it plans to fuel the creation of Reels.

The company is introducing a new bonus program that will pay creators when people view their reels. The program will be funded as part of Facebook’s larger commitment to invest more than $ 1 billion in creators through 2022, which also pays creators to serve certain types of ads, to receive payments via Stars (virtual advice), and more.

The Reels Play bonus program, which extends Instagram’s Reels Summer bonus, will pay qualifying creators based on their Reels’ performance on Facebook and Instagram, and will pay on Reels who get at least 1,000 views over a 30-year period. days. (However, Facebook did not specify the amount of the payments.)

The new program will only be open to US creators and will be by invitation-only for now. It will eventually expand to more global markets.

Facebook says it is also working to develop other ways for creators to make money from their reels and plans to test new ad formats, including sticker and banner ads in reels. He also plans to integrate Stars, his virtual tip system, into Reels, which would allow fans to pay their favorite Reels creators directly.

The company also plans to monetize the Reels as a product by testing full-screen and immersive ads that appear between the Reels, similar to the ads on TikTok. These ads will allow users to connect with brands and other small businesses, according to Facebook. And like the reels themselves, viewers can comment, like, view, save, share, or ignore these ads, which are already appearing on Instagram reels.

Image credits: Facebook (sharing Instagram reels on Facebook signup feed)

Facebook users can create reels in several places, including from a “Create” button in the new Reels section that appears when scrolling through the news feed, while watching reels, or tapping “Reels”. At the top of the news feed. Meanwhile, users can view the reels from the news feed (where they will be joined by reels shared from Instagram) and in certain pages and groups.

The reels were first released to a global audience just over a year ago, barely longer than a TikTok clone. The product today offers a feature set similar to TikTok, which includes access to a large catalog of audio and music, tools to edit videos using items such as timers, accounts countdown, AR effects and other tools for speed adjustments and clip stitching. While Reels’ range of editing tools, especially its AR effects, is not as extensive as TikTok’s, the company also allows creators to easily upload their videos created in third-party editing apps directly to Reels. And while reels that display the TikTok watermark will be downgraded by the algorithm, the company is not currently penalizing content that is posted on multiple services.

Image credits: Facebook (reels in groups)

Facebook has been very transparent that it views the rise of TikTok as a threat to its business. While some companies don’t go directly to their competition, Instagram director Adam Mosseri specifically highlighted TikTok in June as one of the reasons Instagram was evolving to include more videos. He even warned users: “We are no longer a photo sharing app or a square photo sharing app.”

Meanwhile, TikTok’s growth has been substantial. It was the most downloaded app of 2020. In July, it became the first non-Facebook app to reach 3 billion downloads worldwide. And this week, TikTok announced that it now has 1 billion monthly active users. By comparison, Facebook’s family of apps now has 3.51 billion monthly active users.

Reels on Facebook is rolling out today to US users on the Facebook mobile app.


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