AAA Rewards Ohio Elementary School Safety Program

The school is now one of 10 schools across the country and one of only two in Ohio to receive the AAA grant to be used as part of the program.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio – Toth Elementary School in Perrysburg has just received a boost to help maintain and expand the school’s safety program.

The program is 100% volunteer-based and third and fourth graders take time out of their school day to make sure their classmates get in and out of school safely every day.

“We have a lot of kids riding bikes or walking. And we have wonderful third and fourth graders helping these kids cross the streets safely and making sure they’re looking both ways.” Toth’s security program said. coordinator, Jason Koval.

The Toth Elementary School Safety Patrol program has been in place for over a decade. The school is now one of 10 schools across the country and one of only two in Ohio to receive a $ 500 grant from the AAA to be used as part of the program.

“We are very proud of our School Safety Patrol program and think it is so important. The school is able to use the check to improve or improve their program, whether it’s buying more equipment or providing more training for students, ”said Kara Hitchens. , senior specialist at AAA.

Koval said the school had more than 40 students on security patrol this year, about double what they’re used to. He says the grant will certainly help expand the program.

“A lot of the cost, usually in a year, goes to our vests and our panels and all that sort of thing. We’re looking for ways to go way beyond that, where we maybe have an electronic panel or something different. , is my goal. I don’t know what we’ll end up doing specifically, ”Koval said.

Hitchens and Koval claim that students in the program learn life and leadership skills by teaching their peers about road safety and traffic rules.

“We train these students to teach other students and keep an eye on them, especially the younger ones, about road safety and safety when they come to and from school,” Hitchens said.

“All of these kids are leaders throughout the building and the kids look up to them. To have that security patrol vest, these kids think it’s like the superhero costume. They love and want those same things and skills. that these children have, ”says Koval.

Before finalizing where the money will be used, he said children will be asked to give their ideas on what they think the program needs.

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