How to set up StreamLabs OBS on Mac

Streaming has grown exponentially over the years. Whether you are a professional gamer or host a fun show during your gaming sessions, people can easily stream and connect with viewers around the world. Programs like StreamLabs OBS make it easy to start streaming on Windows operating systems, but the StreamLabs team has also released their streaming software for Apple operating systems. Here is a guide to setting up StreamLabs OBS on Mac to help you get started with your stream.

Initial configuration of StreamLabs OBS

After downloading StreamLabs OBS from the official website, open the software.

  • Activate the permissions.
    • You will first be prompted to allow StreamLabs OBS to use your microphone and camera. Click “yes” and you can configure your microphone and camera later.
  • Connect social media accounts.
    • To help viewers connect to your social media channels, StreamLabs OBS lets you connect any of your other accounts including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook to name a few.
  • Transfer the optimal settings.
    • If you switch to StreamLabs OBS from another streaming software, you can easily transfer your settings to StreamLabs OBS when prompted on the home screen.

Bring out your flow

After the initial setup, there are plenty of ways to make your feed stand out from the crowd.

  • Choose a model.
    • Streamers can use a custom overlay to personalize their stream. StreamLabs OBS gives users a solid starting point, with over 250 templates to choose from and further customize.
  • Choose your sources.
    • Sources are an integral part of a successful flow. Sources in StreamLabs OBS include features like webcams, custom alerts, sub-goals, game capture, and donations.

Source configuration

StreamLabs OBS makes it easy to quickly set up your sources. Adding sources such as alerts and sub-goals can increase the quality of your feed.

  • Click the plus sign in StreamLabs OBS to add various sources or widgets.
  • One source to check is the Game Capture source. With this and automatic game capture enabled, StreamLabs OBS can automatically detect your game footage.
  • You can also choose between other video capture sources such as window capture and full screen capture settings.
  • Click the plus sign again to set up other alerts, including alerts, secondary goals, donation goals, and more.

Capture Desktop Audio for Mac in StreamLabs OBS

Once you’ve set up your ideal sources and the footage is ready to be captured, you need to set up audio capture. Unfortunately, unlike Windows, Macs don’t have system-level audio routing, which means you’ll have to use an additional program like Existential Audio’s BlackHole, as recommended by StreamLabs, to capture your audio. flux.

Configuring BlackHole audio

  • After creating an account, you will need to configure a multi-output device
  • Open the audio and MIDI setup.
  • Then click on the plus sign in the lower left corner and select Create multiple output device
  • Check the “use” box next to BlackHole.
  • Right-click on the multi-output device and select Use this device for audio output. This should set your desktop audio as the default output device.
  • Open StreamLabs OBS.
    • Go to Settings, then Audio, and select BlackHole as one of your Mic / Auxiliary devices.

Now that you’ve set up your webcam and audio, along with your widgets and game capture, you’re ready to start streaming with StreamLabs OBS on Mac.

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