Virtual concert raises funds for Twin Cities youth music program

Catalyst Music allows young people to see, experience and participate in the music scene.

MINNEAPOLIS – Mark your calendars! There will be a free, live fundraiser for the Twin Cities nonprofit Catalyst music June 9, 2021. The organization allows young people to see, experience and participate in the music scene.

The fundraiser, “A Night Out with Catalyst,” will air next Wednesday. The show will feature a performance by EVV, RiGBY, and Alien Book Club.

This will also be the launch of The Treasury for all ages in St. Paul. Cash has hosted private live broadcasts and rehearsals over the past few months, and the plan is to open to the public at some point this summer.

Jack Kolb-Williams, executive director and co-founder of Catalyst, said they did not have a specific date for the opening because, like many other sites, they are waiting for federal and state relief funds to bring back the staff.

“Despite the lack of support, we are moving forward to accelerate our reopening plan so that we can be ready and start filling the schedule!” said Kolb-Williams.

You can also donate to Young Performers Fund for things like mentoring sessions or paid performances of young people involved with Catalyst.

You can find tickets for “A Night Out with Catalyst” and other shows here.

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