Where to buy Xbox Series X UK – Latest restocking updates from Microsoft, Game, Currys and more

Finding where to buy the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the UK has been a bit lackluster these months so far; Xbox Series X restockings have been rather sporadic and limited. Microsoft reportedly made a restocking early this morning, but we haven’t seen any stock on hand at the time of writing. However, Asda has the Xbox Series S is still available if you want a console that is close but less powerful.

But to help you in what ways we can, we’ve rounded up a selection of alternative retailers that may have Xbox Series X stock. Take a look at the links and buying tips below for a chance to find where to buy the. Xbox Series X or Series S in UK.

Where to buy Xbox Series X UK: latest updates

This month, we can expect to see Xbox Series X and Series S restockings. But Xbox Series X restockings are expected to be limited until at least the summer, and potentially longer.

Since the developers apparently haven’t scratched the surface of the Xbox Series X yet, now is the time to get one ready for a real next-gen game later this year.

Remember, you can get an Xbox Series X for a monthly subscription of £ 28.99 as part of the Xbox All Access program. This allows you to access the console and access Xbox Game Pass for a regular fee over a 24-month period. The Xbox Series X can be purchased for £ 20.99 for the same 24 month subscription plan. But these agreements are still hampered by a lack of stock of consoles.

If you are tired of looking for an Xbox Series X, you can try to get a PS5, as it was released in the UK. However, stocks are also very low; Check out our handy guide where to buy the PS5 in the UK for a helping hand.

To help you have a chance to secure one of Microsoft’s new consoles, we’ve rounded up the major UK retailers currently offering the consoles; be sure to check back to see which ones are in stock.

Xbox Series X and Series S stock (checked every 15 minutes)

Xbox Series X on Amazon UK

Xbox Series X and Series S at Microsoft

Xbox Series X and Series S in play

Xbox Series X Packs: from £ 249 at Game
The game recently had a few bundles in stock, but it has since run out of two consoles. While not good now, it does mean that we are getting closer to the time when stocks don’t sell in less than a minute.See the offer

Xbox Series X and Series S at Currys

Xbox Series X and Series S: from £ 249 at Currys
Unsurprisingly, Curry’s has pages for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. However, it looks like everything is sold out for now. See the offer

Xbox Series X and Series S at Argos

Xbox Series X and Series S at Smyths

Xbox Series X at ShopTo

Xbox Series X and Series S at Very

Xbox Series X and Series S: from £ 249 on Very.co.uk
Like many other online retailers, Very sells both Xbox consoles. Xbox Series X or Series S are currently out of stock. See the offer

Xbox Series X at Box

Xbox Series X: £ 449 on Box.co.uk
Box has a page for the Xbox Series X and Series S. Both consoles are sold out at the time of writing. See the offer

Xbox Series X at Simply Games

Xbox Series X at Tesco

Where to buy Xbox Series X: UK buying tips

Besides refreshing the retailer sites above, there are other places to check if the Xbox Series X and S reappears first in stock.info.


On Twitter, we suggest you follow @xboxuk. The account often posts to UK retailers with new Xbox Series X and Series S inventory. And @jelly_deals also worth a follow-up. And @ UKPS5Notify is also another account worth following; don’t let the name fool you, it also tracks Xbox Series X restockings.

Shopping forums

Slickdeals, the online offer repository, has a page dedicated to ordering an Xbox Series X.

Where to buy Xbox Series X UK: avoid scalpers

One of the reasons for the Xbox Series X and S-Series stock shortages is that scalpers are grabbing large quantities of next-gen consoles in one fell swoop and then selling them for exorbitant prices. .

VGC reported that a group of now infamous PS5 scalpers under the name CrepChiefNotify managed to purchase 1,000 Xbox Series X consoles as soon as they became available from UK retailer Very. And the group bragged about it online; there are selected words to describe these people, but they are not suitable for publication. But Very has the final say by canceling 1,000 Xbox Series X pre-orders.

As frustrating as it can be to find an Xbox Seires X or Series S, we suggest that you avoid buying a console from these scalpers. In our opinion, paying massively above the odds for a console that doesn’t offer a huge lineup of new Xbox Seires X games isn’t a smart move. If you can stick through 2021, Microsoft should have more Xbox Series X units to ship, along with the promise of more exclusive games for the console, which will make it a much better time to get one.

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