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Investigation by ConPolicy

Investigation by ConPolicy

In fact, it was assumed that the adoption of the Consumer Credit Directive into national law in 2010 would facilitate the comparison of credit prices, since the creative power of financial institutions wishing to distribute their products does not always play with open cards. Therefore – because the white goats are always among the white goats – an institute operating in Austria commissioned a study which was carried out in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Austria.

Clearly by means of an exemplary substitution example, contain the following standard data: the fixed or variable rate of borrowing and consumer information, which may be included in total credit costs; in the case of a combined fixed and variable borrowing rate, the duration of the fixed rate of borrowing; the entire loan amount; the annual percentage of the load; the total price payable by the consumer and the amount of the installments.

Above all, the annual percentage is significant in that it should include all expenses incurred. Of course, because the cost of borrowing, ie the nominal or borrowed rate, depends on the applicant’s creditworthiness, it is also crucial how one views a “representative creditworthiness”. The effective interest rate was questioned by the authors of the study because it was difficult to control as it often depended on creditworthiness and negotiating ability.

It should be noted, however, that if the effective interest rate is calculated incorrectly, there is no risk for the consumer:

Consumer loan

It should be noted, however, that if the effective interest rate is calculated incorrectly, there is no risk for the consumer:

if the effective interest rate is too low, the nominal or borrowed capital interest must be reduced to such an extent that the effective interest rate is correct. Although the annual percentage was often available, its visibility was similar to the other data, so the significance of this value was not apparent.

Particularly disturbing, however, would be the unrealistic, only supposedly “representative” copies, which can assume a higher creditworthiness than conventional borrowers. It can, in contrast to the consumer associations send all offers and also check whether the items mentioned in the display are really repesentative. In this context, the authors of the study also refer to the German and British regulations, according to which the prerequisites for representation are set by law: In Germany two-thirds of customers and in the UK even 51% of customers must be able to the concrete To take out loans on the terms offered.

5 Reasons Credit Cards Are Rejected, Even though You Have a Good Credit Score

Having a good credit score will provide you with a range of benefits, one of which is to get a low interest rate when applying for a loan.

The problem is that despite having a good credit score, credit card applications are still rejected and not approved.

What’s going on here? Well, the 5 reasons below might be the reason why credit cards are rejected despite having a good credit score.

You have no income

You have no income

The credit card issuer needs to verify your income and ability to pay credit. Therefore, those who do not have income will find it difficult to get a credit card.

The reason for the refusal is understandable because the card issuer wants to ensure that they will be paid back for any existing debt.

Having Problems with Credit in the Past

If you have had financial problems with a credit card issuer or lender in the past, then this might be the reason why your credit card application was declined.

Even if you have now repaired the credit, your credit history in the past will still be recorded and known.

The ratio of credit utilization is too high

The ratio of credit utilization is too high

The ratio of credit utilization is one of the factors that determine the health of your credit. Ideally, you should take advantage of credit at 30% of the limit obtained.

You are not a customer who gives a profit

In the end the reason credit card issuers do not accept submissions because you are deemed unprofitable for them.

Maybe it’s because you don’t use a previously-owned credit card or prefer to take part in a low interest program when there is a promotion. Remember that, credit card issuing banks look for consumers that allow them to generate income.

Have Many Credit Cards

Having Problems with Credit in the Past

Having too many credit cards can be a bad thing because it means consumers are trying to get more credit and it is likely to be difficult to repay.

What are the benefits of credit cards? If you can not control spending patterns when using a credit card, you should not need to apply for a credit card. If you persist, then the consequences will have an impact on your own financial condition.

Instead of buying something with a credit card you better invest first until the money is enough to buy what you want.

KoinWorks can be a short-term investment option under 2 years for you to use. Interestingly, investing in KoinWorks can be started with limited capital, which is only $ 100,000. Limited capital has the potential to grow more than 18% per year.

When the investment has provided optimal results then you can use these funds to buy something you want.

Whether for a vacation, buying a house, DP a car, education funding, or buying a new smartphone. This way is certainly far wiser than relying on your credit card to get things done.

The conclusion is that a credit card can be a weapon to eat, if you don’t use it wisely. Those are the 5 reasons why your credit card application was not accepted.

We hope that what has been said above will open your mind more so that you can manage your credit card more wisely and not just use it for unnecessary purchases.

How to find out your credit history, how to check your credit history for free online

The majority of the population of the Republic of Latvia has already come across it, especially those who have used credit offers or car leasing.

But what does “credit history” mean, and why do bank staff pay so much attention to credit applications? What can you find in your credit history and how do the borrower find out this information? These are the issues we will address in our article today .

What does “credit history” mean


The credit history is identical to the financial liability statement that is created for a particular person. The credit history contains not only information about the loans already repaid , but also the person’s current liabilities. In addition to the basic information, the credit history also includes information on how each previous loan was repaid in good faith and whether the client is fully discharging his or her obligations to the utility companies (taking into account unpaid housing maintenance payments).

The proper execution of any of your financial obligations (loan repayments and utility bills) is the direct path to a clean and undamaged credit history that you will still need when applying for a cash loan, leasing, mortgage or car loan.

Not only banks, but also leasing companies can use the credit history database. In order to test yourself, it is advisable to review your personal credit history before each investor visit.

Individuals or prospective borrowers can check their details

Individuals or prospective borrowers can check their details

Verify their ideal credit file and then go to the lender for financial assistance. In this case, the probability that the potential borrower will be denied is zero.

For creditors, such a database is proof of the customer’s responsibility and good faith when applying for leasing or borrowing money. By looking at the credit database, the lender can immediately track the trend of past and present repayments. Often, it is this fact which is decisive when considering an application.

Completing all of the loan repayment terms can help you not to worry about your financial reputation. But it is enough to delay bills when negative marks appear in your credit history.

Such information is entered into the general database of the borrower and will be kept there for the next 5 years. In the event that the overdue payment has already been repaid together with the total credit debt, the negative information will also be visible to other credit organizations throughout this period.

Each bank or any other company you are processing a financial transaction in will enter their information about you in the credit history database. Later on, your future credit will be reviewed by a future investor in case you want to take out a loan again or apply for a lease.

What are the features of credit history?

What are the features of credit history?

For a potential borrower, the characteristics of their credit history influence various issues in the design of their next financial products . For example, if you have a perfect credit history and you decide to buy a new TV at a popular online store, you have a number of advantages over others who want to buy the same new TV model. Why: Firstly, you will certainly not be denied the option to purchase the installment, and secondly, you will be offered the most favorable terms. As a result, you will receive the TV as soon as it is shipped to your city and pay its value without the high commissions and annual rates.

The management of such stores, after applying for a hire purchase, will first check your reputation in the Solvency Database. If your credit history is “not dirty” and you have been “great” with many liabilities, then the creditor has no reason not to trust you. That is why he will offer you a number of perks, which will allow you to save substantially on your purchase.